Our Next Meeting: Wednesday 19th February 2020
Chrome OS and Linux Apps - Gareth

Gareth writes:-

Chrome OS has emerged over recent years as an alternative to Windows/Mac/Linux gaining a lot of traction in the US education market due to fast boot and extremely quick reset back to factory stock build. Somewhat limited for the power user, Chrome OS is built around the Chrome browser and did not historically feature the ability to install applications making it somewhat limited to browser tabs and browser based applications.

A couple of years ago Chrome OS started to gain the ability to run Android apps and the Play Store which started to somewhat solve the lack of software. More interestingly for us Google also recently added support for Linux applications under a project called Crostini. Crostini is still a beta product, but is available across a wide variety of supported Chrome OS devices both x86 and ARM.

In this meeting we'll be taking a look at Crostini and the Linux support evolving in Chrome OS.

Our Social Evening:

This will be held later in the year as it has been difficult trying to arrange it this year due to sickness and happy events. If anyone has any suggestion on where they would like to go in the Springtime we can pursue it. Maybe we should make it a lunch on a Saturday instead.

Future Programme

We'll soon need to plan the next year's meetings at a Committee Meeting so if anyone would like to introduce a topic we would be delighted to accommodate them.

ICENI Future programme

ICENI Future programme 2020
Postponed till Spring Winter Social Evening: Suggestions welcome. All
February 19th Chrome OS and Linux Apps. All
March 18th AI - Pattern recognition etc. All
April 15th Accounting Software All
May 20th AGM - Cloud Computing All

Meetings are now on the Third Wednesday of the month unless otherwise stated.

Our meetings are held at the Bourne Vale Social Club, Halifax Road,

Ipswich IP2 8RE ,

for a map and other details please see the website. http://icenicomputerclub.org.uk

Membership fee currently £15, visitors free.

Special Notice - Insurance

"ICENI does not have any Insurance cover for computers or other equipment so please be advised that you bring machines to the club at your own risk."

However many household insurance policies will include cover away from home often with no increase in premium. (Ed.)

Our Website and Email

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I am open to suggestions on what people would like to have included in the website. If anyone would like a copy of our old newsletters on CD this could be arranged.