Our Next Meeting Wednesday May 15th 2019
Windows and Ubuntu updates

Ubuntu has recently migrated to the latest version 19.04 and Gareth will I am sure tell us what new features and improvements we can expect when we upgrade. Windows has also been updated since our last look at it and Michael will give us some insight into the new features.


Our Last Meeting: Wednesday 17th April 2019
Mac Evening

This was a fairly low key affair as apart from Paul now joining the ranks of Mac users we did not have an awful lot new to say. Partly my fault I fear as I have had little time for preparation lately. I currently use my Mac for photo editing, web browsing, financial matters and online purchasing most of which would not be of much novelty value and although I could have gone through all my photo collection I did not really feel that was the purpose of the evening!

In many ways I am still a novice when it comes to using a Mac as was demonstrated when I said that I kept losing files after I have saved them. It was Paul who pointed out that the path name is displayed at the bottom of the screen after a search and also after a Get Info call. I'd not noticed this. I suppose it is because I like to have everything in hierarchical levels and the Mac does not always display that. Paul also mentioned "Finder Tips" was useful from a Google search.

We did have some discussion on Thunderbolt and Firewire and other high speed connections.

Gareth had found a special patch to enable him to put Mojave on to an old Mac Courtesy of dosdude1.com

Also see https://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac-software/update-macos-oldmac-3654960


Future Programme

We have now had a Committee meeting and the following programme has been generated, but as usual, if anyone would like to introduce a new topic instead we would be delighted to accommodate them. Please note that because Peter cannot attend the meeting in May the AGM has been moved to the June date.

ICENI Future programme

ICENI Future programme 2019/2020
May 15th Windows and Ubuntu updates All
June 19th AGM - Computer Surgery All
July 17th A Retro Evening - Computing, Gaming and old Computers All
August 14th N.B. Date: Social Evening - TBA (but possibly Crown Manningtree) All
September 18th Home Automation - NEST All
October 16th Programming - XML Web Technologies and Go All
November 20th Slide and Video Evening All
December 18th Gadgets and Party Evening All
January 15th Winter Social Evening: Suggestions welcome. All
February 19th Chrome OS and Linux Apps. All
March 18th AI - Pattern recognition etc. All
April 15th Accounting Software All
May 20th AGM - Cloud Computing All

The Social evenings dates and venues are just suggestions at this stage.

Meetings are now on the Third Wednesday of the month unless otherwise stated.

Our meetings are held at the Bourne Vale Social Club, Halifax Road, Ipswich IP2 8RE , for a map and other details please see the website.


Membership fee currently £15, visitors free.

Special Notice - Insurance

"ICENI does not have any Insurance cover for computers or other equipment so please be advised that you bring machines to the club at your own risk."

However many household insurance policies will include cover away from home often with no increase in premium. (Ed.)

Our Website and Email

Our website URL is


Email to: iceni@woolridge.org.uk

I am open to suggestions on what people would like to have included in the website. If anyone would like a copy of the CD of our old newsletters this could be arranged.