Our Next Meeting: Wednesday 24th November
"How to rebuild a RISCOS machine." -Frank, Gareth and Peter

I hope our next meeting will prove to be a fun and productive evening delving into the depths of the Acorn RiscPC. The plot is simple, we will start the evening with 2 old RiscPCs, one known working but with ARM6 CPU and very little RAM and a StrongARM RiscPC with RISCOS 4 that has seen better days.

Can we make one good machine from these two? Join us and find out!!

Our Last Meeting: Wednesday 20th October 2010
Slide Show Evening - All

Gareth's photos for the evening were of 2 separate trips, August 2010 to the Isle of Skye in Scotland and October 2009 in New England, USA. Gareth began with the Skye trip and started with images of Loch Lomond on the journey up to Skye. This was the first holiday since buying his Digital SLR, a Pentax K-x.

Driving up from Loch Lomond through Fort William and into the Nevis range, past the Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge and also the Eilean Donan Castle near Kyle of Lochalsh and the Skye Bridge.

The weather was quite wet with low cloud for much of the week's holiday, so visibility particularly at the Old Man of Stor was not too good, making for dramatic moody photos but little chance of seeing the mainland.

On one of the day's Gareth took a boat trip out to Loch Coruisk and was able to get some good close-up photos of seals on the rocks.

During that boat trip it was decided to also do one of the trips out to Rum and Canna on an inflatable rib to see deer on Rum and puffins on Canna. We also saw the Queen's chartered boat the Hebridean Princess off Rum protected by a Frigate escort during her annual summer holiday to the islands.

Moving on Gareth also showed some photos from his New England trip last fall. After landing in Boston Gareth drove down to Plymouth, Massachusetts to see the replica of the Mayflower and of course to see Plymouth rock.

From Plymouth the drive took them down to Cape Cod staying in Hyannis and Brewster and taking a day trip out to Nantucket Island. Driving around Cape Cod you can drive through sleepy little towns such as Chatham and Harwich to name a few.

Moving back inland near to Peterborough, Gareth ventured into the Mt Monadnock area to see the fall colours in all their glory visiting not just Ipswich but also New Ipswich along the way! While in New Hampshire they managed to visit a number of the wooden covered bridges.

Gareth then visited Concord and traced the independence journey to Lexington and Battle Green. He then visited Salem scene of the witch trials and Rockport out on the coast to go whale watching before returning to Boston for a couple of days.

Next up, Frank's slides were of a visit to the USA to see some of the natural wonders of America. Frank began with a map of North America to show us where the sites he visited were. Frank and Anne flew into Denver to start the coach tour, which he would not necessarily recommend due to the travelling with some days being 400 miles on the coach.

Frank's first picture was of the Bronco's Stadium in Denver. The horse on top is Trigger, which was Roy Rodgers' horse. Frank's next pictures were of the state Capitol building of Wyoming, in Cheyenne.

Moving on with the trip Frank and Anne visited the Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills, South Dakota. The chief and his horse are being carved out of the side of the mountain. Next stop also in South Dakota was Mount Rushmore with the Presidents also sculpted out of the mountainside.

Cody in Wyoming was named after William Cody primarily known as Buffalo Bill where Frank visited an Indian museum with lots of ornate dress.

Next up, Yellowstone Park with lots of active thermal vents covering a vast area. Here Frank took lots of pictures of the steaming vents but also the coloured pools caused by bacteria. There are also geysers and Frank took rapid shots of Old Faithful to form a movie of the geyser erupting which happens every 75 minutes approximately.

Frank and Anne then travelled down to Salt Lake City in Utah with lovely views of the mountains from the state Capitol building. Salt Lake City has a large Mormon Temple but also the Mormon Tabernacle where many recordings have been made of the Mormon Choir.

From here they headed south towards the Grand Canyon on the way passing lots of Hoodoos. From the visitors centre the view (over a low knee height wall) of the canyon stretched out 20 miles and down to the bottom of the canyon was 1 mile below.

Peter's first photos were of a trip to Madeira following the disastrous floods in March 2010 showing lots of work in progress to remove mud and rocks that had washed down from the mountains covering the promenades. Peter and Sheila went up a number of mountains and took a number of pictures of the views. On one you could take a toboggan made like a wicker basket down although Peter declined.

Peter also shared with us some wildlife photos taken in various zoos including feeding an elephant at Colchester Zoo and giraffes in West Midlands Safari park.

To round off the evening John brought along some pictures of his local church where he is the church warden. Recently part of the tower had fallen down with the exterior wall coming away from the interior wall and John took a number of photos during the restoration work.

They had also recently had to test the counterweight system for lifting the font cover to prove the old chains and pulleys were safe and John showed us some photographs of the testing in progress with extra weights attached to the system.

John rounded off the evening with photos from a trip to Austria of lake, fishing boats and a gorge with a waterfall at the top together with a hydroelectric lake before ending with the town in which they were staying.

My thanks to everyone who came along to share in our travels and experiences over the last year. As ever we ran out of time and with 2 trips to cram in I did use up more than my slot. I shall volunteer to go last next time!!



I'm writing a quick editorial this time as a follow on from the last meeting.

We had a surprise visitor, Andy Keeble, one of the founders of SARC ( Paul Skirrow being the other), who had managed to track us down after several years out odf Ipswich. We were very pleased to see Andy again and hope he will be able to come and join the club again.


ICENI Future programme

24th November
(4th Wednesday!)
"How to rebuild a RISCOS machine."
-making one machine from parts of two Risc PCs.
Frank, Gareth
and Peter
15 December Gadgets and Party evening All
19 January Social Evening - Venue TBA All
16 February Gigabit Networking , USB2 & 3 All
16 March Linux update Gareth
20 April AGM plus Games All

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