Our Next Meeting: Wednesday 15th May
- "Tablet Technologies/Android/ipad, etc." All

I am expecting that this will be something of a hands-on evening. If you have any of these devices then please come along and tell us of your experiences, likes/dislikes or any special features they have. As a newcomer to tablets, having only recently bought an Android, aside from an i-phone 3G, which I suppose could be regarded as one of the first tablets, I am keen to learn more about them.

Our Last meeting: Wednesday 17th April "Slideshow evening"

Gareth started the slideshow evening with photos of 2 different trips. The first was of a recent long weekend to Bruges in Belgium with photos of the buildings and architecture, canals and boats and the market square.

The second trip was last year's visit to Canada flying into Vancouver and taking the train across the country to Toronto before taking the bus to New York to fly home. Gareth broke the train journey into 2 parts at Edmonton taking a trip up to Yellowknife in the North West Territories to fly on a DC-3 and drive the Ingraham Trail out to the start of the winter ice roads.

Paul brought along a selection of photographs from one of his trips to the Isles of Scilly, Lavenham in Suffolk and Felixstowe vintage cars and bikes.

First up was the Isles of Scilly with reflections of the street taken in a shop window, visiting tall ships and views from hotel window to the church where Harold Wilson is buried. Paul also had images of the garrison and Star Castle and trees growing leaning towards the land side from the high winds.

Paul then returned to Suffolk with images from Lavenham and of the vintage cars and bikes along Felixstowe seafront. Rounding out his images Paul had photos from the Oyster Fair at Colchester Castle park, and of the Enigma code machine from last year's maritime festival on Ipswich waterfront.

Michael's photos were taken in South Africa at a friends wedding and holiday in and around Cape Town with images of the Fort / Museum, traditional goods in a market and pictures showing both the rich and poor sides of life in the city. From Cape Town Michael had views of Table Mountain and of an evening of Music in a park.

Following the time in the city Michael travelled out to Table Mountain and took a cable car ride to the top with views looking down into Cape Town and of the museum and cafe at the top.

Michael travelled out to stay on a vineyard for a friends wedding and following this ceremony was able to visit a wildlife park and stroke a Cheetah.

The final photos were of the most southerly point where Indian and Atlantic Ocean's meet.

Rounding out our slideshow evening John showed us images taken on a visit to Floriad in Holland. Floriad is held every ten years to build a botanical exhibition and allow for subsequent reuse of the site and its buildings/offices.

The exhibition runs from April to October and features outdoor gardens and country exhibitions and indoor floral pavilions promoting both Dutch and worldwide plants.

At this exhibition there was a Thailand exhibit and peacocks tail made of orchid petals, a Dutch bulb exhibit with all flowers from bulbs and tubers and a table and chairs made from turf and flowers.


Due to various holidays, house moves and so on it has not been possible to issue the April Newsletter. It is hoped that the write up of the March meeting will be available later in the year. The Committee have produced the following future programme which should take us into next year with some interesting and innovative topics. I hope when things have settled down this year we will all be back on track and can enjoy these evenings.

ICENI Future programme

May 15th Tablet Technologies/Android/ipad etc. All
June 19th AGM + extras TBA
July 17th Arduino and programming Andy et al
August 21st Summer Social Evening - Venue TBA
September 18th Mac Evening Gareth
October 16th Raspberry Pi, Linux and RISCOS All
November 20th Video Editing Peter et al
December 18th Gadgets and Party Evening All
January 15th Winter Social Evening - Venue TBA All
February 19th Windows Evening Michael
March 19th Computer Surgery All
April 16th AGM + All

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St Andrews Computer Club (formerly Ipswich Computer Club and prior to that Mid-Suffolk Computer Users Group)

They have now moved to the St. Andrew's Computer Club at Britannia Road, Ipswich.

They have a full programme on the parish website

(http://www.ourstandrews.co.uk), We may be able to make new contact with them to arrange something in common.

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"ICENI does not have any Insurance cover for computers or other equipment so please be advised that you bring machines to the club at your own risk."

However many household insurance policies will include cover away from home often with no increase in premium. (Ed.)

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