Welcome to our website

We are a friendly Club based in Ipswich, but our members come from throughout Suffolk and Essex. Currently we only meet online in Jitsi sessions owing to Covid 19 restrictions however this may change in future. Venue

Our aims are to encourage all aspects of computing and cover all platforms from RISC OS , Windows PC, Linux and Mac.

We are interested in uses of the internet, digital photography, music and document processing, spreadsheets and databases and any new technologies associated with computing like 3D printing.

We organise talks and hands-on evenings and meet once a month normally on the third Wednesday. See Future Programme.

We produce a monthly Newsletter as a PDF.

Members are informed by email when a new Newsletter is available generally a few days before the next club meeting.

They can be informed in two ways.

1) An email to members with an attachment containing a PDF file.

2) A email giving the link to our website, once the new edition is online, where it can be found using this Newsletter link.

Please see Membership details Please contact us.

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