ICENI Future programme

ICENI Future programme 2018/2019
April 18th Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Gareth
May 16th Windows 10 Update Michael et al
June 20th AGM plus All
July 28th DigiKam and other Photo database software. All
August 15th Summer Social Evening - Treble Tile,

Compasses Holbrook or Sun Dedham otherwise TBA
September 19th Programming languages All
October 17th Robotics and Augmented Reality All
November 21st Slide/Video Evening All
December 19th Gadgets and Party Evening All
January 16th Winter Social Evening - TBA All
February 20th NAS + RAID + storage solutions All
March 20th New Devices and hardware SSD All
April 17th Mac Evening All
May 15th AGM - Computer Surgery All

The Social evenings dates and venues are just suggestions at this stage.