Welcome to our website

We are a friendly Club based in Ipswich, but our members come from throughout Suffolk and Essex. We meet in Bourne Vale Social Club in Ipswich Venue

Our aims are to encourage all aspects of computing and cover all platforms from RISC OS , Windows PC, Linux , Mac and PDAs, although our principal interest is in RISC OS computers.

We are interested in uses of the internet, digital photography, music and document processing, spreadsheets and databases and any new technologies associated with computing.

We organise talks and hands-on evenings and meet once a month normally on the third Wednesday. See Future Programme.

We produce a monthly Newsletter as an HTML document although other formats could be arranged.

Members are informed by email when a new Newsletter is available generally a few days before the next club meeting.

They can be informed in three ways.

1) An email to members as an email with a zipped attachment containing the HTML file.

2) An email with an embedded text only version within the email.

3) A email giving the link to our website, once the new edition is online, where it can be found using this Newsletter link.

Please let the Secretary know by which of these methods you would like your copy.

Visitors are always welcome and visit free the first time.

Please see Membership details

Please contact us.

Internet Relay Chat

Why not join us online on a Tuesday evening from 7:30 p.m. till about 9:30 p.m. on our IRC channel, called "#Computer_Corner". You should find Audrey one of our members nickname "dogdaze" ready to welcome you. You can even send documents and files. Free software is available for RISC OS users.

Please email us for details.

Access to our server is from http://www.undernet.org port 6667

and join the #Computer_Corner. (Note underscore)